Event Videography

Re-experience dazzling events with our high-quality videography! No detail will be missed, and you will feel as if you’re there in person all over again.

Immortalize the joys of an employee award ceremony or the pride of your company’s founding anniversary. We provide nothing less than top-notch event photography, you are bound to display them all on your wall.

Event Videography

Stunning attention to detail that will leave you with nothing but nostalgia. Let our past projects prove it, instead of our words.

Crop Hangover Party 2K16

Celebrate the traditional Barbados harvest festival celebration in Clarke Quay at Crop Hangover Party 2K16. Back by popular demand, this year’s event features 10-piece band Adrenalina, dance sensations Fabio Dita, Elkin Correa and Leonardo Cuzman, Percussionist Genius Diosdado Hechavarria and more. For just $50, drink to your heart’s content at both CROP HangOVER and Cuba Libre.

Super Summer Party 2016

Super Summer Party 2016 presents to you MadAM! DJ duo consisting of Alyshia & Mira.S from Taiwan! These pretty faces amazed us with their professional spinning record; from fashion events to opening sets for top 100 DJ Kaskade & Nervo! Now who’s excited to catch these hotties come May?!?!

Kelvin Thong Division - Christmas Celebration (Yacht)

PropNex’s top agency, Kelvin Thong Division, organised a private 2018 Christmas Celebration, but with a twist – this time, it’s done on an exclusive, personal yacht!

It was an opportunity for everyone to experience the possibilities of achieving the dream, besides reinvigorating themselves for the coming New Year.

Fun beach-side activities were also planned, focusing on building stronger team spirit while enjoying some friendly competition between colleagues and friends.

Kelvin Thong Division - Christmas Appreciation Event

The 2019 Christmas Appreciation Event for PropNex’s Kelvin Thong Division was a splendid close for the team’s end-of-the-year celebration.

With the reputable agency achieving around SGD15million in sales revenue, it was the perfect get-together for everyone to commemorate the success.

Fun activities such as lucky draws and personal sharing sessions were also held to strengthen the familial bond that exists within the group, cultivating the ideal environment to achieve more next year!

Bobby Sng Advisory Group - Chinese New Year Celebration

PropNex superstar coach, Bobby Sng, welcomes you to revisit his team’s awesome 2020 Chinese New Year celebration!

Attended by many VIPs like esteemed clients, top leaders, and high achievers, the exclusive event was a spectacular success, creating meaningful connections for everyone involved.

Exciting on-stage singing performances, the customary lion dance, and traditional dragon dance were also organised to round off this amazing annual event with huge aplomb.

Lick D Cream - Horlicks and Tim Tam Gelato

Taste the creamy texture and refreshing delight of Lick D Cream’s latest gelato!

Exquisite and delicious, the sweet, milky flavour of Horlicks combined with the savoury chocolates of Tim Tam produces the perfect mash-up for your salivating taste buds.

Say goodbye to a hot, sunny day, and enjoy your very own Lick D Cream ice-cream today!

Event Photography

With our expert services, everyone will be as photogenic as they can be! Our shots are hi-res that are sure to satisfy everyone in a single take!

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Frequently ask Questions

A list of FAQ from our clients, so you can better understand us and how we work!

How do you charge for your videos?

We charge according to the amount of work needed. Every video differs greatly, do drop us a WhatsApp here or drop us a message at our contact us page for a free quote.

How many changes do we get for the videos?

There are 2 edits allowed for each video unless otherwise stated.

What is the process of producing a video?

All video projects, no matter the length or complexity, follow 3 stages of production. That is pre-production, production and post-production. For more information, drop us a whatsapp here or drop us a message at our contact us page.